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U.S.C. Scientific Study Calls Prolonged Fasting "Remarkable!": "Fasting triggers stem-cell regeneration of damaged, old immune systems. Protection from chemotherapy immunosuppression indicates this effect could be conserved in humans. . . .The study has major implications for healthier aging, in which immune-system decline contributes to increased susceptibility to disease as people age. By outlining how prolonged fasting cycles kill older and damaged immune cells and generate new ones, the research also has implications for chemotherapy tolerance and for those with a wide range of immune-system deficiencies, including autoimmunity disorders. We are investigating the possibility that these effects are applicable to many different systems and organs, not just the immune system." (University of Southern California)*

"Why Fasting Bolsters Brain Power": If interested, Google the title of this superb TedTalk on YouTube by Mark Mattson, Ph.D., Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences at the National Institute on Aging (NIA), and professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Says the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) database: "Dr. Mattson has been the most highly-cited neuroscientist in the world." Adds Wikipedia: "He has published more than 700 peer-reviewed articles in leading journals and books, and edited 10 books in the areas of neuronal signal transduction, neurodegenerative disorders, and mechanisms of aging." In this talk, he concludes: "Fasting does good things for the brain, and this is evident by all of the beneficial neurochemical changes that happen in the brain when we fast. It also improves cognitive function, increases stress resistance, and reduces inflammation."

Other American scientific medical researchers proving the benefits of fasting at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray, Utah, have identified a biological process in the body during periodic fasting that eliminates bad cholesterol and reduces weight, thus combating diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors. Researchers noticed that after 10-to-12 hours of fasting, the body enters into a self-protection mode and starts scavenging for other sources of energy throughout the body to sustain itself. One of the related actions is to pull LDL (bad) cholesterol from the cells of the body. Says Benjamin Horne, Ph.D., director of cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology and lead researcher on the study: "Fasting has the potential to become an important health intervention." Researchers presented results of their study at the June 14, 2014, American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions in San Francisco, California.

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Fasting Center International (FCI), long blessed as the global leader in our field, has supervised the world's largest, non-residential fasting clientele over the past 35 years, during which time our clients have done our scientific Juice-Fasting Program right where they live--on seven continents, now representing 220 countries. Last month, for example, among the thousands reading our website, 84% were new viewers from 135 countries/territories. FCI Founder/Director Dennis Paulson is shown here working on the Tibetan crisis with his friend since 1982, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

* "USC News": "In the first evidence of a natural intervention triggering stem cell-based regeneration of an organ or system, a study in the June 5, 2014, issue of ‘Cell Stem Cell’ shows that cycles of prolonged fasting not only protect against immune system damage (a major side-effect of chemotherapy), but also induce immune system regeneration, shifting stem cells from a dormant state to a state of self-renewal.

"In both mice and a Phase 1 human clinical trial involving patients receiving chemotherapy, long periods of not eating significantly lowered white blood cell counts. In mice, fasting cycles then 'flipped a regenerative switch,' changing the signaling pathways for hematopoietic stem cells, which are responsible for the generation of blood and immune systems, the research showed.

"The study has major implications for healthier aging, in which immune system decline contributes to increased susceptibility to disease as people age. By outlining how prolonged fasting cycles. . .kill older and damaged immune cells and generate new ones, the research also has implications for chemotherapy tolerance and for those with a wide range of immune system deficiencies, including autoimmunity disorders.

"Said Dr. Valter Longo, director of the Univ. of Southern California Longevity Institute, whose lab is in the process of conducting further research on controlled dietary interventions and stem cell regeneration in both animal and clinical studies: 'We could not predict that prolonged fasting would have such a remarkable effect in promoting stem cell-based regeneration of the hematopoietic system. We are investigating the possibility that these effects are applicable to many different systems and organs, not just the immune system.'

"The study was supported by the National Institute of Aging of the National Institutes of Health (grant numbers AG20642, AG025135, P01AG34906). The clinical trial was supported by the V Foundation and the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (P30CA014089)."

If interested, see more in a TedTalk on YouTube by Dr. Mark Mattson, Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences at the National Institute On Aging, and professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, entitled "Why Fasting Bolsters Brain Power.” Google it.

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. . .blessed to supervise our World's Largest Fasting Clientele over the past 35 years, with clients fasting at home--right where they live, with no interruption of their life, work, exercise, study or social schedules--on seven continents representing 220 nations . . .from fasters of modest backgrounds and means to juice fasting centimillionaires and even fasting billionaires. . .from the fasting hard-pressed to world-famous visionaries fasting while developing multi-billion dollar projects to benefit humanity. Just as fasting is the greatest of all healing modalities, with more fasting testimonialists among our species' greatest thinkers and spiritual teachers than all other healing modalities combined--including all three Fathers of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus--Fasting Center International has been, since 1995, our World Wide Web's premier site for regaining OPTIMUM health, happiness and healing power, through the scientific practice of prolonged juice fasting. . .:
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  2. Fasting to remove the 5-to-10-lb. inner, toxic waste dump* now polluting the average adult's cell, tissue and organ storage areas (chemical toxins, heavy metals, drugs, uneliminated metabolic wastes, excessive cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream, arterial plaque, excess mucus and mucoid plaque throughout the system, intestinal parasites, etc., all of which prolonged fasting can remove);

  3. Fasting to regain the energy you may previously have enjoyed (perhaps when you were more athletic);

  4. Fasting to elevate yourself out of the clouded consciousness most spend their entire life in (unwittingly), up into the stratosphere of human potential;

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  6. Fasting to enhance your innate wisdom, spirituality, faith and human kindness, and

  7. Fasting to move yourself back toward your life's birthright potential of optimal health, increasing your happiness and healing power as you scientifically reset your body's odometer and greatly enhance your quality of life!
* To Learn How Toxic You Really Are: Complete toxicity tests of an individual's blood and urine normally cost about $15,000. To read a U.S. writer's results, paid for by National Geographic, click on "Toxic People: The Pollution Within" (our body, home and environment), understanding it is a frightening picture, but prolonged scientific fasting does help remove our body's inner, toxic waste dump.
Einstein concluded: "NOTHING happens in this Universe by accident." Thus, it's no accident that Fasting Center International has owned the predominate domain name ( for the entire global fasting field since this World Wide Web opened for business in 1995. . .nor that we've been blessed to supervise our World's Largest Fasting Clientele over the past 35 years. . .nor that your intuitive wisdom has led you here to consider improving your own health, happiness and healing power. . .nor that in NOT ONE of 5,200,000 'fasting experiences' results at Google (where FCI is 2nd) or 28,000,000 at Yahoo (FCI is 1st) or 28,900,000 at Bing (FCI is 1st) can you read post-fast testimonials of 10 physician clients (as you can here by scrolling three-fifths down this home page, or at Ten Fasting Physicians Praise FCI's Juice Fasting Program). . .nor anywhere find contemporary fasting testimonials from highly-successful professionals, worldwide, in the wealth you do here (eg., in the 'FASTING WISDOM ARCHIVE' near the top of all main pages on this website, or by scrolling to the bottom of this page, as well as on nearly every page, particularly the New Testimonials and Fasting Journal pages.
Fasting works! Fasting cures! Scientific Fasting works, as this Father of Western Medicine learned: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!"--Philippus Paracelsus, famed Swiss physician, alchemical genius of the Middle Ages, and one of three fasting Fathers of Western Medicine, with Greece's Hippocrates and Galen who, like fellow fasting Greeks Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, practiced and prescribed prolonged fasting. Plato said he fasted "for greater physical and mental efficiency," just as Pythagoras, another veteran faster often described as the first pure mathematician, wouldn't even introduce his advanced students to his higher theorems and tenets until they'd done 40-day fasts. Plato, the classical philosopher, studied with students of Pythagoras before becoming a student of Socrates (who set the standard for all subsequent Western philosophy), and later a teacher of Aristotle who, although trained in both medicine and mathematics, more than any other thinker, determined the orientation and content of Western intellectual history, authoring a philosophical and scientific system that, through the centuries, became the support and vehicle for both medieval Christian and Islamic scholastic thought. The fact that all these great thinkers practiced prolonged fasting should be instructive.

FREE TO ALL PROSPECTIVE FASTERS! For more informed decision making on Fasting Center International's Fasting Programs (see our How Do I Start page), please email for our FREE "Introductory Juice Fasting Letters," including your age, gender, height, weight, fasting goals, city and State (for feedback from FCI fasting clients your age. . .many with fasting goals similar to your own):

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FCI's Juice Fasting Program & professional supervision.)

PLEASE DON'T PANIC because of all the wonderful information here on the Internet's most educational Scientific Fasting website, serving the World's Largest Nonresidential Fasting Clientele. Know that the vast majority of our clients--fasting on seven continents--had never fasted one day before they approached us, yet 98.5% complete their Fasting Program without interruption (although each has an entire year to complete her/his fast, should s/he decide to break it into two, supervised segments, for any reason).

Our skilled, veteran, professional fasting supervision will instruct you on precisely what you'll do each and every day of your Fasting Program, guiding you at every step along the way, addressing all your fasting questions from start to finish, whether you're doing our two-week fast (14 days, plus three transitioning days on each end--our 20-day Program), three-week fast (22 days/30-day Program), four-week fast (30 days/40-day Program), or doing a 40-day fast (50-day Program), 50-day fast (60-day Program), 60-day fast (70-day Program), 70-day fast (80-day Program), 80-day fast (90-day Program), 90-day fast (100-day Program), 100-day fast (110-day Program), or our longest--a 110-day fast (120-day Program). This is why you read the hundreds of glowing, post-fast, success testimonials from one end of our extensive website to the other (and those are merely a minute, representative fraction from our 35-year archive of the very best fasting experiences, testimonies, and testimonials addressing your most common concerns).

No worries, Mate, as our Australian fasting clients phrase it. Kindly accept our apology for the information overload, knowing that those with less time, inclination, Attention Deficit Disorder, or Type A's can click on this How Do I Start button (also at the top or bottom of this or any other page) and relax. . .when you order your Fasting Program (click here to see our Juice Fasting Agreement) in the knowledge that if 98.5% of our clients in 220 countries can complete their Fasting Program from First Day to Final Day without interruption, so can you.

Truth is, however, that FCI's global fasting clientele is one of the most highly literate, highly successful, and highly inquisitive on Earth, representing many intellectual scopes. Thus, even though we understand the impossibility of pleasing all minds, which not even the fasting Buddha nor the fasting Christ could do, we've discovered--over our 35 years as the global leader in the fasting field--the approach which appeals to the overwhelming majority of prospective fasters, as well as our fasting clients, all of whom are thankful for this opportunity to learn as much as possible about this marvelous self-improvement technique they're embarking upon called Scientific Juice Fasting, reading about fasting's age-old wonders at their own leisure in the comfort of their home, knowing we've got them covered, even if they don't read another word here about fasting.

FEELING OUT OF SHAPE, self-conscious, low on energy, or downright unhealthy? Do you want to improve your physical health while heightening your clarity of consciousness and your spirituality, as well? Know that scientific juice fasting enables you to accomplish all of these goals, very quickly, with no interruption of your life, work, exercise, study or social routines. The fact is, you will experience more energy than you now have, during and after your fast, just as do our fasting clients who are world-class athletes (including a Stanford University student who, after her Program, captured a Summer Olympics Gold Medal and American record, just missing the World record by seven one-hundredths of a second, just as a Columbia University student did her Program while training for the next Winter Olympics).

Both, like university students doing our Fasting Programs, worldwide, found the heightened clarity and energy actually improved their performance during exams, as we've seen our fasting students achieve year in and decade out during Finals, as well as during submission and defense of theses/dissertations for Master's and Doctorate degrees in myriad fields. One client even returned to do a repeat, prolonged fast, timing it so that near its end--when she knew she'd again achieve the greatest clarity of consciousness--she'd be taking her M.D. and D.O. boards. Passing with flying colors, she's today a compassionate young colleague in the Healing Arts, an open-minded M.D. who wisely took the essence of this greatest of all healing modalities (just as, it bears repeating, all three Fathers of Western Medicine practiced and prescribed it before her).

During our scientific Fasting Programs--ranging from 20 days to 120 days--FCI not only supervises our global clientele throughout their physiological, psychological and spiritual experiences ( all fasts are unique, on all three levels, because no two body-mind-spirit complexes are the same ), but also advises them regarding working while fasting, socializing while fasting, and traveling while fasting. We also advise all our clients to exercise moderately throughout their Program, at whatever they're comfortable doing, whether calisthenics while fasting, aerobics while fasting, walking or jogging while fasting, rock climbing or free climbing while fasting, cycling or mountain biking while fasting, hiking while fasting, running while fasting, or swimming while fasting.

We've clients on seven continents who also play volleyball while fasting, handball while fasting, racquetball while fasting, tennis while fasting, basketball while fasting, football while fasting, softball or hardball while fasting, or hockey while fasting. Also, they engage in flexibility training or yoga while fasting, Pilates while fasting, weight training or bodybuilding while fasting, gymnastics while fasting, grappling or wrestling while fasting, street self defense or savate while fasting, judo or jiu-jitsu while fasting, tai chi while fasting, aikido while fasting, kung fu and wushu while fasting, hapkido while fasting, karate while fasting, taekwondo while fasting, kendo while fasting, boxing while fasting, muay thai or kickboxing while fasting, or mixed martial arts while fasting.

FCI'S FASTING CLIENTS include novices in all these endeavors. . .all the way up through National Title-winning and world-class, Olympic Gold Medal-winning athletes. During our Fasting Programs, we have clients training for track and field athletics while fasting, 10-K races while fasting, half marathons while fasting, marathons while fasting, triathlons while fasting, and even training for 100-mile ultramarathons while fasting. Granted, we advise all our fasting clients in 220 countries to each day focus the majority of their energy on this magnificent detoxification fast, while understanding that moderate, daily exercise--while fasting--actually aids fasting's miraculous, inner cleansing, rewarding those with the courage and discipline to achieve the interior equivalent (depending upon how long one fasts, of course) of a Ferrari California, Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche 911, or the green choice--a 100%-electric Tesla Roadster (0-to-60 in under 4 secs., 125 m.p.h. top speed, 220-mi. range, burns no oil).

Some of our fasting athletes do overdo it (without telling us beforehand). For example, a Utah client on the 37th fasting day of the 50-day Program she did to "gain renewed spirituality," said: "All is going well, and I have more energy and feel great! I have just returned from competing at Nationals in Full Contact Olympic Sport Taekwondo. I have won a Gold and Silver Medal. I never thought that I could do that while fasting, but I found myself with lots of energy, and was very focused for what needed to be done."

Similarly, a mild-mannered newspaper reporter, 38, who'd spent 10 years as a U.S. Navy Seal officer after attending the U.S. Naval Academy, told us on fasting day 40 of the 50-day Program he began at 5' 8", 191 lbs., "wanting to leave behind a junk-food/beer habit that's resulted in my feeling fat, fatigue, and dullness": "As an exclamation point here on F40, I participated in a local triathlon. It was a last-minute decision, because I haven't been training for anything like a triathlon in months, not even a short sprint like this one, but was jogging, stretching, even some Pilates, as I tried to get used to my new, more limber and lighter body. I didn't mention it to you the day before, because I really didn't want you to have to advise me against it.

"It was heart-of-Summer hot, so I truly stuck to my plan of taking it extremely easy and just having fun. I wore a heart rate monitor, which I never do during a race, just to keep myself in check. Despite the fact that I hadn't eaten solid food in 39 days, plus the heat, and the fact that I wasn't loaded out with my Gucci endurance drinks, Carbo-Pro, salt tablets, energy gels and power bars (just a bottle or two of strained orange juice), I felt incredible, and really had to work on holding myself back the whole time!

"My heart rate was much lower than before (pre-fast), and I was actually going faster with much less effort, and had to force myself to slow down. The difference on the bike was incredible! It's hilarious, actually, how some of us hem and haw over a couple of grams or ounces here and there on our bike equipment. Imagine losing 33 POUNDS, and then getting on your old bike that was sneered at for being a half-pound heavier than some other dude's new $9,000 racing bike. The time will come when I get to unleash this new engine at top speed, and see how my old bike motors along then. I got it moving pretty fast today, and it was oh-so-much easier. PeaceCheers, (confidential)."

If you've not yet seen them, you might enjoy reading the following testimonials (click on descriptives) of a representative few among FCI's fasting athletes, all well past both the competition ethic and their prime:

An Ex-College Football Star, 43, Proves What's Possible Out Here On The Gridiron Of What MTV Terms 'The Real World'!"

An Ex-College Wrestler & Surgeon, 48, After His 75-Day Program: "You Have Truly Saved My Life, And Probably My Soul!"

Fasting Australian Martial Arts Champion, 34, Loses 77 Lbs. & Discovers What's Beyond These Arts' Physical Aspect!"

Fasting Rejuvenates A Skeptical Warrior--A Retired American Airborne/Special Forces Officer--From Decline At 60!"

OTHER FASTING CLIENTS, however, are less interested in exercise, simply fasting to reduce their overweight or obese bodies. (With two-thirds of American adults overweight or obese, it's not surprising that a recent study found that three-fourths of U.S. adults do not exercise at all.) As one Fasting Center International client phrased it in her post-fast testimonial currently on's online Fasting Journal: "To anyone who wakes up in the morning disgusted by the sight of her or his own painfully-bloated body, to anyone who finds herself or himself binging uncontrollably on unhealthy substances, to anyone who has been prescribed anti-depressant drugs, and to anyone who suffers with chronic allergy and sinus problems, my wish for you is that you will be able to do a Juice Fasting Program with Fasting Center International, so that you might experience all the feelings of well-being in body, mind, and spirit that I now enjoy."

If you're like half of Fasting Center International's global clientele year in and decade out who are not fasting to lose weight, then detoxification is your primary fasting goal. However, if you're like that other half, your pre-fast eating and lifetsyle habits painfully reflect the world's most out-of-control nation, vis a vis current warnings by the U.S. Surgeon General that "obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in America, and could soon cause as much preventable disease and death as cigarette smoking," since 61% of U.S. adults were already overweight or obese by 1999 (13% of children 6-to-11 and 14% of those 12-to-19). Tragically, 30% of U.S. adults have ballooned on up into the scientific definition of clinical obesity, the economic cost of which was already $123 billion annually by 2009, not to mention the 300,000 American deaths it's causing each year.

Being overweight or obese increases one's risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, breathing problems (asthma and sleep apnea), reproductive complications, gall bladder disease, incontinence, increased surgical risk, and psychological disorders such as depression. Likewise, being overweight or obese can affect one's quality of life through limited mobility and decreased physical endurance, as well as through social, academic and employment discrimination. Speaking of being out of control, the Los Angeles Times reported back in 2006 that: "Vast numbers of Americans have outgrown the weightiest medical description: morbid obesity. About 725,000 to a million fit this 'super-obese' category. But even that term is no longer expansive enough for a fast-rising number of others. Between 140,000 and 400,000 Americans are believed to weight more than 400 pounds--the 'super-duper' obese."

Although today's Americans are the most sedentary humans in our species' history, the pleasures of eating are fleeting, whereas the pleasures of fasting are lasting, especially since Fasting Center International's global fasting clientele have achieved an unparalleled 98.5% Fasting Program success rate over the past 35 years. We teach our clients this marvelous, self-improvement technique for life (unlike diets, which are designed to fail so one has to go back and pay through the nose over and over and over again. After researching 26,000 popular U.S. 'diets' which have come and gone over the past 70 years, the "Washington Post" concluded that "DIETS have failed Americans 99.5% of the time," a message all yo-yo dieters sadly understand. . .a message which Bob Schwartz, Ph.D. hammered home in his best-selling "Diets Don't Work" and his sequel, "Diets Still Don't Work"!

In short, our Scientific Fasting Programs are extraordinarily successful, whether fasting to lose unnecessary weight, detoxify, regenerate, cleanse, or simply to achieve a more skillful orientation toward optimum health, plus the self-empowerment prolonged fasting rewards one with for maintaining the far greater health, happiness and healing power one gains doing our Fasting Programs.

Read Lisa Sharkey's Testimonial for one who did our 82-day Total Detox. Fasting Program while Sr. Producer of ABC's "Good Morning, America!"

FOR MORE FASTING INFORMATION, plus enlightening testimonials from our fasting clients, worldwide, click our red hot-buttons. . .your first step toward regaining your true potential as a 21st-Century Fasting Cybernaut at the top of the evolutionary ladder. . .fasting without even having to leave home. Also, feel free to use the navigation bar at the top or bottom of every page on our site to tour what's been, since 1995, the world's most informative, comprehensive and educational Scientific Fasting website, as you're perfectly right to expect from the 35-year global leader in our field of Scientific Fasting.

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"Because Fasting Center International supervises our world's most skillful, scientific juice fasts, we've built, as the 35-year global leader in our field, the largest nonresidential fasting clientele on Earth, with clients fasting on all seven continents, now representing 220 countries."--Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director, optimum-health/fasting consultant and internationally-published author

FASTING CENTER INTERNATIONAL has long supervised fasting clients from all ends of the societal spectrum on all seven continents, including many world-famous figures, millionaires and even billionaires, whose identities we scrupulously protect, respecting what little privacy they can still manage. However, to give you just one example of what signing on for a Fasting Program 'sounds' like, the following is from the multimillionaire President/CEO, 29, of a Massachusetts computer network engineering company (which he founded at 19 with a $300 cash advance from his Visa card) with over 260 employees and $34 million in annual sales. In his own words, shared at his suggestion:

    "Several days ago, a good friend of mine mentioned that he had been reading about fasting as a way to 'reset the body's odometer, and also to improve overall physical and mental disposition.' After thinking about what he had said for a few days, I went onto the Internet and fired up the search engines, looking for 'fasting.' I found your website was the only one that presented a professional profile which appealed to me and created early confidence that fasting could be safe and useful to me. Typical for my own personality, once I had read enough on your website, I decided that there was no rational excuse for waiting. . .so, I bought the 90-day Fasting Program on the spot!

Later, he'd write: "Hello, Dennis! I must say that you have already earned points toward a high 'truth in advertising' score, based simply on your very quick and professional response to my Fasting Program order. Many companies on the Internet (and, sadly, in the world at large) do not have the kind of customer focus that is so far obvious in your company. From one businessman to another, thank you for that! I already appreciate all the nonconfidential comments other fasting clients have shared with me through Fasting Center International's initial Program emailings, so I would also be happy if you would care to use any of my own communications with you from now throughout my Fasting Program, in your other communications with fasting clients or prospects. I would, of course, appreciate your discretion with my real name. My primary reason for seeking your/FCI's help is that I feel that my overall efficiency and health level has been gradually decreasing, and has now reached a point where it, if unckecked, will mean. . ."

(Click here to read his 90-day Fasting Program 'Goals Statement,' please.)

ANOTHER COMMON REACTION Fasting Center International hears as the longtime leader in our global fasting field is represented by a California corporation's customer-service regional vice president, 32, after signing on for our 50-day Fasting Program to lose 35 lbs. she gained during the food- and wine-fueled depression she experienced after a job change (leaving behind many old friends and habits, even though her pay was doubled): "Wow. . .so much fasting information! I have to say that I was very apprehensive, as I have never been involved in any purchases or programs over the Internet, but no more! Neither my husband nor I could believe I had a message from the FastMaster, himself, on our answering machine last night, plus all of those informative emails. I feel very good about my decision to do this Fasting Program."

POST-FAST, FCI CLIENTS express the FAR greater health, happiness and healing power they've been rewarded with for their exemplary courage and discipline, not unlike Dennis Fulkerson did, as a Hanna City, IL, financial planner, age 60, after completing the 87-day Total Detox. Program he began at 6' 2", 247 lbs., taking medication as a pre-diabetic (wanting to lose 50 lbs. and get off this med):

    "Dennis, I am on my Program's next-to-last day, and all is going excellent. I feel great, and have much energy and clarity of mind, as you said I would. I have followed your instructions to the letter, and my body is handily re-starting up all of it's systems, just as you indicated it would. I have several doctors as clients, and they are starting to really inquire into my Program. They have all been positive when I tell them what I am doing. This is my testimonial to you. What a fine Program you offer. To anyone willing to take it seriously, it is absolutely wonderful!! I have referred many people to your website, and have told all of them: If he says something there, believe every word of it. I hope that you will benefit from some of the people I have told about your Program.

    "My Program has been like a pilot taking off in the correct direction to where he plans to go, and landing at his destination without ever having to make a turn, because the runway and wind were in just the right direction. I lost just the correct amount of weight (64 total pounds, in my case) for the number of days that I was supposed to fast. My system showed complete cleanup, just as the last scheduled day arrived. The transition out has just been perfect, as well. This has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I now am determined to keep the gains I have made, for the rest of my life, as I have just entered my 'junior' senior-citizen years. I am looking forward to getting on a new diet that you have taught me in your Lifetime Optimum Health Plan. I have 18 grandchildren; a job I still really like, and some home-business opportunities I can't wait to try to be successful at. I have a great wife, great kids, and a great church. I am truly blessed! You have fine-tuned me for these remaining years. I truly thank you for that. Dennis Fulkerson"

"Fasting is a valid experience. It can benefit any otherwise healthy person whose calories now have the upper hand in his or her life."--"The New England Journal of Medicine"

Learn Why Our Physician-Clients Praise
FCI's Juice Fasting Program & Professional Supervision!

IRONICALLY, FEW PHYSICIANS KNOW that all three Fathers of Western Medicine practiced and prescribed prolonged fasting--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who concluded, nearly 500 years ago, that: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!").

    No matter what level of benefits--physiologically, psychologically and spiritually--your intuitive wisdom has led you to this marvelous, self-improvement technique to contemplate achieving, please enjoy these post-fast testimonials from just 10 among the increasing number of M.D.s doing FCI's Scientific Juice Fasting Programs year in and decade out, drawn by our reputation as the 35-year global leader in our field, with clients on seven continents (representing 220 countries) achieving an unparalleled 98.5% Program success rate.

    Fasting Center International continuously has prospective fasting clients without the extensive physiological training of medical doctors, for example, who approach us after having done a little 'fasting' on their own--either having used the "CliffsNotes" approach of scanning a book or two on fasting, despite knowing they've neither the experiential knowledge nor distilled wisdom to understand what's valid from what's not (globally, for instance, there are hundreds of fasting books in print, most all of which are mutually antagonistic and will hopefully confuse any intelligent being). . .or they've 'fasted' blindly by the seat of their pants into the virtual unknown on a wing and a prayer.

    Such 'fasters,' never having been supervised by skilled, veteran professionals, fail to understand they can be harming themselves without even realizing how, since the human body is not some cheap CD player they're fooling with, but an extraordinarily complex, delicate system which can quickly be thrown out of balance on multiple levels (physiologically, psychologically and spiritually). Having done a little of this 'blind fasting' without a clue of how to deal with even simple fasting supervision issues such as postural hypotension, maintaining the body and brain's electrolyte balance, or even intelligently shutting down the various systems in the body, pre-fast (which must later be skillfully reinitiated, post-fast, of course), a few such 'fasters' approach Fasting Center International asking what our Scienfitic Fasting supervision entails, "beyond a few fasting recipes and what I could read in a $10 book on fasting?"

    Unfortunately, such foolhardy 'fasters' never hear, as Fasting Center International constantly does, the health-damaging tragedies which can and do result from unsupervised 'fasters' going against the advice of every reputable fasting book on Earth--that one should never attempt a prolonged fast (more than three days) without veteran, professional supervision, initially--including Emergency Room visits in dazed conditions to allopaths who've also neither theoretical nor experiential knowledge of Scientific Fasting (as, for example, fasting's never been taught in any of America's 131 medical schools) and, thus, do not know how to begin refeeding such 'fasting' casualties (and often call us for fasting advice, which Fasting Center International is unfortunately unable to give, because of legal and insurance constraints, since they are not our fasting clients).

(Please click here to read 10 post-fast testimonies from physicians praising
FCI's Juice Fasting Program & professional supervision.)

letter from ClintonHis Holiness the Dalai Lamabook - Voices Of Survival

Fasting Center International's Chairman/CEO Dennis Paulson working with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, President Clinton, and other world leaders from many fields, on issues close to his heart. Click on photos for enlarged viewing of projects; more details are available on our Compassion page.

Letter 1 from President Clinton Letter 2 from President Clinton Letter 3 from President Clinton Letter 4 from President Clinton Letter 5 from President Clinton Letter 6 from President Clinton

As part of Fasting Center International's 35-year effort to help promote an understanding of universal responsibility--above and beyond the world of fasting--here are just a few examples of Director Paulson's ongoing effort in behalf of the remaining 6,000,000 victims of China's continuing, 66-year, cultural-genocide attempt in neighboring Tibet, where 1.3 million have been killed or starved to death. Click on letters to enlarge.

"For as long as sentient beings remain in suffering, may I remain to help dispel misery, especially through this greatest of all healing modalities--by which all with the courage and discipline to do it achieve FAR greater health, happiness and healing power--just as the Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and all great spiritual teachers taught, as did all three Fathers of Western Medicine."
--Dennis Paulson, Founder/Director

Top Fasting Experts On Web Since 1995--Fasting Center International!

Fasting Center International (FCI) became the world's first scientific Fasting Program to offer skilled, veteran, professional supervision on this World Wide Web in 1995, as should be expected of the 35-year global leader in our field. Thus, in the Einsteinian sense that "NOTHING happens in this Universe by accident," it's no accident that FCI has built the World's Largest Fasting Clientele--fasting year in and decade out, right where they live on seven continents (now representing 220 countries)--nor that the staff of medical professionals at medical portal first selected Fasting Center International for its "Med411 Medical Site Award" in 1995! Award

PLEASE ENJOY A FEW GREAT SUCCESS STORIES from FCI's noble clients, worldwide. . .from among thousands of post-fast testimonials in our database, accumulated over our 35 years as the global leader in our field:

ABC's "Good Morning, America!" Sr. Producer, 46, Has "Life Changing Experience" On 82-Day Program: "All-Around Happier!"
A Chief Surgeon, 53, Discovers "Secrets to Maintain Wellness & Wholeness" Achieved On 80-Day Program--"Best Health In Years!"
A Clean, Clear, Student Physician, 27, Resolves Long-Term Eating Disorder After Three Prolonged, Therapeutic Fasts!
A Columbia University Senior, 21, Ends Longtime Binge Drinking, Food Addictions & Being Overweight During 50-Day Program!
A Decade of Bulimia & Its Depression & Drugs, Plus Chronic Sinus & Allergy Problems, Are Left Behind By A California Teacher, 27, After Two FCI Programs!
An Ex-College Football Star, 43, Proves What's Possible Out Here On the Gridiron Of What MTV Terms the "Real World"!
An Ex-College Wrestler & Surgeon, 48, After His 75-Day Program: "You Have Truly Saved My Life, And Probably My Soul!"
A Fasting Multimillionaire Wishes to "Reset Body's Odometer" And "Avoid A Lavish, Early Funeral" During 90-Day Program!
A Giant HMO's Senior Counsel, 51, Ends Hot Flashes & Night Sweats During & After Her 81-Day Program!
An 'Average' Faster Taking the Essence of FCI's MOST Popular, TOTAL Detoxification Program. . .A Telecom Consultant, 35, In Prague, Czech Republic!
A New England Attorney, 49, Removes Clinical Obesity (74 lbs.), 2 Blood-Pressure Meds & Depression On 100-Day Program!
A Quintet of Representative M.D.s Discuss Why They Chose FCI's Program & Recommend It to Patients, Colleagues & Friends!
A Retired School District Superintendent, 56, Repeats Total Detox. Program 7 Years After Failing To Incorporate What He'd Learned!
A U.K. Psychologist, 37, 'Staring Death In The Face' At 400 Lbs., Uses FCI's 100-Day Program to Halve Her Weight & "Save My Life!"
Australian University Student, 23, Shed 15 Kilos & A Sugar Jones In 50-Day Program, Gaining Clarity, Insight & Wiser Diet!
A World-Class Chef, 43, Transforms Health & Eating Habits On 80-Day Program After Dr. Warns Cholesterol Is In "Heart-Attack Range"!
A World-Class Restaurateur, 41, Successfully Navigates Major Life Transition During 70-Day Program With His Closest Loved One!
Fasting: A Christian's FCI Experiences, Insights and Conclusions!
Fasting Article for "Healthseek's" Online Magazine!
Fasting Australian Martial Arts Champion, 34, Loses 77 Lbs. & Discovers What's Beyond These Arts' Physical Aspect!
Fasting Australian Psychotherapist Enters States "Far Beyond Ordinary Mental Consciousness" On Her 74-Day Program!
Fasting Breaks Singapore Teacher's Yo-Yo Diet Addiction, Instilling Calm & Mental Control, Despite Heavy Load!
Fasting Breaks 3 Addictions, Cures Lifelong Insomniac!
Fasting Businessman Transcends Fear & Discovers "Fountain of Youth, Rejuvenation & Loss of 55 Lbs.!"
Fasting Businesswoman Transcends Fear of Fasting, Discovers Success & Refers Nine Friends To FCI!
Fasting Canadian, 33, Resolves Chronic Depression, Gains Clarity, Confidence & Peace On 60-Day Program!
Fasting College Grad, 23, Starts New Life & Career Feeling "The Best I've Ever Felt; Most Productive I've Ever Been!"
Fasting Computer Scientist, Ph.D., Finds 80-Day Program Multiply Healing, Leaving Her With "Awesome" Energy!"
Fasting Consultant Removes Unnecessary Weight, Depression & Suicidal Ideation: "FCI Saved My Life!"
Fasting Couple With Jobs & Toddlers, Amazed To Become More Energetic, Calm, Clear & Loving--"The Pot of Gold!"
Fasting Diary of Graphic Designer's 40-Day Program!
Fasting & Energy: Will I Have It? A Woman of 26 Answers With Authority For Those Who Doubt It (But Don't Know)!
Fasting Enhances Financial Planner's Business Success!
Fasting Engineer, 52, Resolves '98%' of Psoriasis Suffered Since Age 16 During His 80-Day Program, Ending Conventional Medicine's Failure!"
Fasting Girlfriends On Separate Continents Lose Their Unnecessary Weight While Re-Balancing Themselves!
Fasting Helps Recovering Alcoholic Detoxify Abuse, Ease Depression, & "Put Life Back Together Again!"
Fasting Hollywood Executive, 32, Drops 48 Lbs., Regains Balance: "This 'Fountain of Youth' Was So Easy, It's Ridiculous!"
Fasting Improves Senior Engineer's Vision & Insomnia!
Fasting Investment Pays Annual Dividends: "1,000% Improvement," Says FCI Client of Six Years Ago!
Fasting Minister Experiences "A Miraculous Healing!"
Fasting Pilot Gains Clarity, Loses Allergies & Arthritis!
Fasting Psychology Ph.D. Rediscovers Age-Old Maxim: "Overcoming One's Resistance Sweetens One's Success!"
Fasting Reduces Nasal Polyps & Asthma, Helping Woman, 54, Avoid Surgery & Breathe Freely Again!
Fasting Rejuvenates A Skeptical, Retired American Airborne/Special Forces Warrior, 60, From Decline!
Fasting Removes Webmaster/UC Berkeley Grad's 45 Lbs.!
Fasting Removes Psychology Ph.D.'s Jaw Tumor After "Surgery Is Your Only Option" Conventional Diagnosis!
Fasting Rescues Hepatitis-C/Chronic-Fatigue Victim From "Death's Door," After Expensive, 6-Mo. Interferon Failure!
Fasting Resolves Asthma, Suffered Since Childhood!
Fasting Resolves Gouty Arthritis Suffered Four Years!
Fasting Resolves Mild Depression In Teacher, 29, After 54-Day Total Detoxification: "I Can't Wait to Wake Up & Start My Days Now! This Is Really Living Life!"
Fasting Resolves Sinusitis/Nasal Polyps of Writer, 47; Avoids Surgery & Breathes/Smells Nasally Again!
Fasting Resolves University of California at Santa Barbara Student's Eating Disorder/Weight Problem!
Fasting Resolves Yale Grad Student's Gastrointestinal Illness After 19-Year Suffering In Conventional Medicine's Hands!
Fasting Supervision: Is It Necessary? Better Check Up!
Fasting Twenty-Something Quickly Regains Health & Happiness, Losing Back Pain & 70 Needless Lbs.!
Fasting Writer In Budapest, 68, Avoids Nasal Polyp Surgery, Loses Excess Weight & Gains Mental Clarity!
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