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[FCI NOTE: In America today, tragically, two-thirds of adults are overweight (one-third clinically obese), all setting themselves up for devestating, degenerative diseases and premature death in this nation where dying 'naturally' of old age is as rare as a kangaroo sighting.

      The clinically obese--literally living in the fast lane of Life's slow-suicide path--long ago learned the truth of "Washington Post" research into "26,000-plus popular diets which have come and gone in the U.S. over the past 70 years," concluding that "these diets have failed Americans 99.5% of the time!" In other words, DIETS don't work, and are designed to fail so victims have to go back and repeatedly pay through the nostrils for their failed schemes and chemically-grown, toxically-sprayed 'garbage foods.' (See our website's How Do I Start┬álink for more on DIET scams, including those promulgated by physicians such as the ethically misnomered Optifast and Medifast.)

      At their wits' end and often suffering depression, more and more among the overweight and clinically obese are following their intuitive wisdom and Googling, for example, 'fasting--best journal,' finding Fasting Center International (FCI) 1st and 2nd atop 526,000,000 results; 'fasting--best experts,' where FCI is 6th atop 438,000,000 results; 'fasting--experiences,' 3rd & 4th of 199,000,000; 'total detox. fasting program,' 6th & 7th of 141,000,000; 'fasting--best advisor,' 1st of 63,800,000, or 'scientific fasting programs,' 1st, 2nd & 6th of 6,870,000, same as it has long been atop all search engines which sort by relevance, including Yahoo, AOL and MSN, as should be expected of the 35-year global leader in our field.

      On FCI's home page, not only are they surprised to discover the post-fast testimonials of many physicians who've recently completed prolonged, Scientific Juice Fasting Programs under FCI's skilled, veteran, professional supervision, but also that just as the Buddha, Christ, Muhammad and all other great spiritual teachers did prolonged fasting, so did all three Fathers of Western Medicine--Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus (who concluded, nearly 500 years ago, that: "Fasting is the greatest remedy--the physician within!").

      Arne Cooper, a Hartford, CT, attorney, 49, is one who followed his intuitive wisdom to FCI, arriving carrying a clinically-obese 275 lbs. on a 6' 2" frame, taking medications for high blood pressure and depression (and wanting off both, as well as to drop "80 unnecessary lbs."). What follows is his post-fast testimonial, written while transitioning out of his 100-day Fasting Program after 90 days of actual juice-fasting, addressing FCI's Founder/Director Dennis Paulson]:

By Arne Cooper, J.D., FCI client

      "Dennis, thank you for the opportunity to describe on your website some of the wonderful results of an FCI fast. I came to FCI for two reasons, at least on the surface: to resolve the misery of a rash that both an allergist and dermatologist had given up on, and because my obesity had become unpleasant. Both these conditions resolved with the fast, but that statement fails utterly to describe what this fast has done for me.

      "A few years ago, I watched a family member progress from obesity to diabetes to organ failure. Like Scrooge to her Marley, I was heading down the same path. At 49 and 80 lbs. overweight, I had a physical examination done. What I found out was not good. I was about to be 50. I was about to be diabetic. I was about to need treatment for high cholesterol. I was on two blood pressure medicines, and I was about to need three. The doctor told me he would hold off treatment for six months, to see if I could resolve some problems through diet.

      "My reaction was shame. I could see where I was heading, and felt powerless to change course. I had tried dieting, off and on, all my life. There is no shame in being sick, or dying; those come to us all. It is shameful to take a strong body and rude good health, and squander it heedlessly. At 49, I felt old and tired, partly because of my weight, and partly because of the rash which deprived me of even a single good night's sleep for months. Mostly, I was sick at heart about my condition. Thus, I approached FCI with a sense of desperation.

      "Within an hour of finding this website, I had made up my mind to do a fast. I initially thought to do 20 days, but Dennis gave me the sound advice to be realistic and choose a Program which was actually commensurate with my goals. Thus, I signed up for an 80-day Fasting Program (70 days of actual juice fasting). My goals were to lose 50 pounds, avoid diabetes and high cholesterol, and resolve my rash. I have said I was desperate; while none of those goals seemed fully achievable in 70 fasting days, I decided to give myself over to the Program, wholeheartedly, and see what happened.

      "Dennis prepared me for some withdrawal discomfort in the first few days, and I got it, as my caffeine addiction and other toxins worked their way out of my system. After that happened, the fast settled into a smooth routine. The first surprising thing was the lack of hunger--promised in the literature, but still unanticipated. After a few weeks, I realized that my energy level had increased dramatically. Without my noticing it at first, my rash faded and was gone, and I began sleeping through the night for the first time in months.

      "After 50 days or so, I had blood tests done, and a follow-up with my doctor. He was shocked! My blood sugar and cholesterol were normal, and my blood pressure was low, so he took me off one b.p. medication and lowered the dose of the other. My weight was down nearly 40 pounds. By this point, the fast was such a pleasant routine, and the results so spectacular, that I decided to extend to a 100-day Program. My energy level continued to rise, and I began to enjoy exercise again. At the end of my Program (90 juice fasting days), all my goals had been met, and I had lost 74 lbs. Once again, these facts fail to describe what this fast has done for me.

      "The death-in-life of shame and hopelessness is gone, thanks to this fast. Through both the FCI materials, and the advice given at every stage by Dennis, FCI's Founder/Director, who is available by email to answer questions profound, mundane, and (in my case) occasionally plain dumb, I have received a technique which I can employ for a lifetime. This is a second chance I never felt I deserved, or would get. I have no idea why the public and the medical profession have been so slow to embrace therapeutic fasting in this diet-obsessed country, but this Program is near-miraculous. Thank you, Dennis.--Arne Cooper"

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