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[FCI NOTE: If you're seeking weight loss, weight control, a weight loss program and/or an end to your eating addiction or eating disorder, chances are you've done a diet or two, or even serial dieting, before coming to the inevitable realization that diets don't work. They're designed to fail, of course, so that you have to go back and pay through the nostrils over and over and over again. However, for those yo-yo dieters who've still not figured out WHY diets fail, here's why.

blank gifLow-calorie and other fad 'DIETS' fail disastrously, because they literally starve your body (still dependent upon nutrients from the 'outside,' as some solids continue to be ingested) of much-needed nutrients, causing even greater biochemical imbalance. Thus, when one can no longer stand to continue 'DIETS'--because of how heavily your body is craving what's still being denied--you usually overcompensate in an attempt to rebalance yourself, nutritionally, often gaining more weight than was lost, thus further lowering self-esteem.

blank gifAfter researching 26,000 popular U.S. 'DIETS' which have come and gone over the past 70 years, the Washington Post concluded that "DIETS have failed Americans 99.5% of the time," a message all yo-yo dieters eventually learn, expensively, and which Bob Schwartz, Ph.D., hammered home in both of his best-selling books, "Diets Don't Work" and the sequel, "Diets Still Don't Work!"

blank gifDuring Scientific Juice Fasting, on the other hand, your body autolyzes (self-digests) its own stored substance, resynthesizing nutrients and eliminating toxins. Additionally, fruit and vegetable juices, along with FCI's alkalinizing "Vegetable Broth" and specific herbal detox. teas, add vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes to the body, in addition to aiding detoxification.

THE HEAVY TRUTH in the fattest nation on Earth, for example, as noted on the More Information page of FCI's website, is that two-thirds of American adults (167 million) and 1-of-3 children are overweight or obese, and by January, 2009, the number of obese Americans became greater than the number who are merely overweight, according to Government figures.

blank gifAmong U.S. adults (over 18) who've managed to balloon themselves into clinical obesity, some are content with mild obesity--measured as 30+ on the Body Mass Index (BMI)--while others have extended themselves into morbid obesity (BMI 40+) and even malignant or super obesity (BMI 50+). Those at the most tragic extreme of this scale are the super-super obese (BMI 60+)." If you wish to calculate your own Body-Mass Index--to determine whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese--click here: U.S. National Institutes of Health.

blank gifPerhaps the reason two-thirds of the U.S. adult population are now overweight or clincially obese is that more and more are failing to address the SPIRITUAL aspect which Scientific Fasting does address. (It's the same with all addictions, of course, as expressed by this Columbia University grad student prior to his FCI 50-day Fasting Program: "I feel an emptiness inside, and alcohol is one way I try to fill it.") In "Natural Health, Natural Medicine," Harvard-trained M.D. and botanist Andrew Weil writes, pp. 132-35:

blank gif"The terms 'addiction,' 'co-dependence' and 'addictive personality' all are popular today. In every U.S. city, 12-Step Programs modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous offer help to people who compulsively use cocaine, narcotics, marijuana or food, or who compulsively gamble, shop, fall in love or have sex. We would appear to be a nation of addicts. In fact, we are a planet of addicts, because addiction is a basic human problem that all men and women experience, in some form. I reject the concept of 'addictive personality,' unless it includes everyone. The only reason we do not see the universality of this problem is that some kinds of addictive behavior--such as making money, drinking coffee, falling in love, exercising, and working compulsively--are socially acceptable and do not attract attention."

blank gifAdds Doctor Weil: "Addiction is NOT a psychological or pharmacological problem, and CANNOT be solved by the methods of psychology or pharmacology. It is, at root, a SPIRITUAL concern, because it represents a misdirected attempt to achieve wholeness, to experience inner completeness and satisfaction.

blank gif"Why do we think we need something to make us feel content--another slice of pizza, a piece of chocolate, a cigarette, a drink, a snort, a lover, another possession? How do we allow the objects of our addictive behavior to get such power over us that we lose all resistance and will power in their presence? Is there a way to feel complete and whole in ourselves, without reaching for an external source of satisfaction? These are hard questions. . . .Since the roots of addiction penetrate deeply into the very essence of our humanness, changing addictive behavior is not easy. For some of us, it may be the work of a lifetime. A basic strategy for wellness is to be free from harmful habits.

blank gif"Compulsive eating is much more difficult to change than drug addiction. You do not have to take drugs, but you do have to eat. The study and treatment of eating disorders now constitute a hot field of clinical medicine. . . .Compulsive eaters are not feeding their bodies. They are attempting to feed their souls, to fill up an emptiness inside and feel complete, whole. Food cannot do that for us, permanently. . . .It is very, very difficult to change these patterns, especially in a culture that glorifies food and offers it in endlessly tempting variety.

blank gif"If you cannot control your compulsive eating. . .spend more time with people who are in better relationships with food. Remember, you are not alone. One could recommend many books, but one that's useful for compulsive eaters is "A Substance Called Food: How To Understand, Control, and Recover From Addictive Eating," by Gloria Arenson." [End of Doctor Weil's excerpt.]

ALL WHO ARE or have been eating disordered know that their addictive behavior, no matter how many years they've repeated it, has NEVER resolved their problem. In other words, binging has never resolved binging, yet those addicted to doing so continue to say they do so to "feel better," or "eat for emotional reasons." Clearly, such addicts eat, mistakenly thinking that eating will resolve their suffering, yet it only EVER does just the opposite. Benjamin Franklin, whose picture is on all U.S. $100 bills, was an American inventor, journalist, printer, diplomat and statesman who stated that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

blank gifHere at FCI, we've dealt with eating disordered clients 365 days a year for 35 years--on seven continents representing 220 countries--long supervising our World's Largest Fasting Clientele (yes, in more ways than one). Below is just one, representative example of how our Scientific Fasting Programs help our clinically and/or morbidly obese clients remove their unnecessary weight, detoxify their precious temple, and address the underlying CAUSE of their addiction. Ironically, this client is a man of the cloth.

blank gifRev. James Redfield, 61, a Penn Valley, CA, Seventh-Day Adventist minister, wrote the following on the 101st fasting day of the 120-day Fasting Program he began at 5' 11", 348 lbs., admitting, "I have not appreciated the gift I was given, and am now, through your Fasting Program, seeking to make good by honoring the Gift Giver with a clean and healthy body-temple!"; his wife Ilona, 60, a registered nurse in a cardiac intervention unit, did an 87-day Total Detox. Program with him]:

By James Redfield, Seventh-Day Adventist minister and FCI client

"DEAR DENNIS/FCI: I have been at our Church Camp meeting for the last 10 days. There are about 3000 people camping here, and I am a high-profile person, as I've been attending it in a leadership position for about 20 years. Last year, I weighed 100-plus more pounds than this year. As I walked around the campground, many people did not recognize me, and it has been an interesting 10 days.

      "I have been talking to many people who have lots of questions about the fast, etc. I have directed all of them to your hope that many of them sign up with you. They all have a desire to know what I have done, and I have repeated my story so many times that I am tired of doing it. . .at least for now. I have been careful to only tell them what is on your website, or what my own experience and results have been.

      "I love your Fasting Program, am sold on its quality and effectiveness, and recommend it without reservation. I have asked those who choose to use your Program to let you know that I referred them, as I would like to know if they go forward, so that I can pray for them and encourage them.

      "To say 'thank you' is so inadequate I hesitate to say it. What you have provided me is a new life, a new way of thinking, new skills for life, and a sense of freedom I have never had before. I have a plan for the rest of my weight loss, and know that I can accomplish it. I intend to lose the rest of my weight by my birthday in seven months, and I know I can do it.

      "This next week, I begin my weight training, and will be increasing my aerobic activity. I am signed up for a backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps in a month with a group of pastors, and am looking forward to it. My wife and I want to kayak, hike, backpack, mountain bike, and so much more. I feel younger, happier and healthier. My relationship with my wife is great, and improving every day. I don't feel my age at all, and look forward to being active the rest of my life.

      "I saw my cardiologistt a week ago, and they took a new echocardiogram Over the previous four years, echocardiograms showed a thickening of my heart walls, and a valve problem (although not serious enough to intervene). This new test showed normal thickness of my heart walls, and no more valve problem, in addition to normal blood flow. All of my blood work is fantastic, with my blood pressure finally down where it should be. Thus, I take no medications of any kind now, and also no longer have sleep apnea.

      "Overall, I am really healthier than ever! My doctor, who attends my church, gave me a very serious compliment; he said I now look 10 years younger. Thanks again. Blessings; your friend, Jim"

[ELEVEN DAYS LATER, he added]: "I am now moving into the better but more difficult zone of good health habits that need to be established over time (an addiction counselor friend of mine declared that food addictions are the most difficult of all to overcome), and now that I am eating again, there are a whole new set of habits to establish that require discipline and self-control. By contrast, the fast was a piece of cake, although this fast also taught me that eating is not what it’s cracked up to be.

      "On my second of five transitioning-out days, I weighed myself and learned that I lost a total of 110 pounds. My doc has a toxicity indicator which was developed, I think, by the Environmental Protection Agency that you put against your chin, and about 18 inches away is a card (all on a sort of metal stick) that has 5 rows and 10 columns; you cover each eye, in turn, and tell the doc how many squares you can see lines in.

      "It measures toxicity, and the first time I took it was at the beginning of my fast, and I flunked it. Monday, I passed it; my readings were in the non-toxic area. I will ask for the name of it and send the info. to you. It is quite simple, and apparently has the research to back it up. By the way, my heart walls were 54 mm. in 2003, and were 44 mm. a few weeks ago. I am scheduled to take a cardiac stress test (radioisotope) to check out my coronaries [arteries and veins]. We have a baseline from a year ago, so I’ll let you know what they find.

      "Anyway, Dennis, thanks for all of your help and encouragement, wonderful information, and most of all, the gift of fasting--a powerful tool that I can use the rest of my life. I have confidence that the God I serve will guide and strengthen me, and that I will be even more effective in His service. Ilona and I give you permission to use us as a new testimony. I am happy to do what I can to encourage others to take the same path I did. Thanks again. Your friend, Jim Redfield"

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