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3 Easy Does It Breakfast Ideas

by | May 22, 2020 | EATING/FASTING | 0 comments

Breakfast is one of the most desired meals of the day or the most boring, it depends on how you look at this first meal and the willingness to try new things.

Whether you will be breaking a fast with your next B meal, or starting the day packed with a nutritious punch, these 3 meal options deliver in every bite.


Avocado + Hummus Toast

Upgrade your avocado toast with a thick layer of hummus and your favorite sprouted grain for a delicious meal that takes a few, simple minutes to prepare.  Add some everything bagel spices on top to kickstart your day to happy.


Fast Bar

Perfectly sized and completely addicting, the fast bar actually allows you to extend your fast until further notice. Enjoy with a spot of tea or a cup of joe and the morning news and all is well.


New Day Egg Salad

Bowls like this make you fall in love with breakfast and the mornings. Some greens, some smoked salmon, a handful of veggies and a poached egg make it just right.

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