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Fast Times. So much more than a blog, this is a resource of the world’s research, science, expert tips, and most recent conversations on fasting at your fingertips.

This is our goal. To bring the best of the best to you in one grand, unbiased, agenda-free digital destination. We are just getting started. Expect the story collection to grow and expand as we source and create content from fasting experts, research institutes, professionals and passionate fasting enthusiasts.

Check-in daily to see the latest stories, science, and strategies scoured and sourced to help you through your fasting journey.

Subscribe to our Fast Insider newsletter and we will deliver the most popular and newsworthy stories directly to your inbox. Here is a glimpse of what to look forward to–and as always, let us know which stories, you would like to see more of and any topics you think we should include in the round-up.


This is the true treasure of our site, we are committed to share our deep respect for science, for the researchers, for the ability to ask a question and investigate to find answers. We will gather and make sense of studies that help us progress our understanding of fasting, health, food, technology, psychology and more. We don’t have to guess, and we don’t have to rely of fads to make a change in the way we live our lives. Science is an ally and worth a weekly date night of fascination and wonder.



A winning strategy is everything, especially when it comes to saving you on time, money and heartache. Luckily the fasting community is one of the most generous communities on the planet, ever eager to share what has worked, what doesn’t and what you should simply walk away from. Get ready set and bookmark away.



You won’t be able to look away. Humans are so inspiring and fasting transforms (and saves) lives in the most remarkable ways. Combine the two and you discover breathtaking memorable stories that motivate you to stay focused and committed to your dreams. We will gather both success stories, and stories of struggle, raw and real and without the spin.



Exploring the continuum of the human experience. We are designed to eat and to not eat–let’s explore all the ways betwixt and between including what to eat, when to eat, foods to avoid and how to prepare foods you love in healthy ways. And of course fasting–when not to eat and why and the many ways to schedule your fasting windows.



As it is said there is a time under the sun for all things and this includes moving our bodies towards wellness as well as learning to rest deeply in the most natural of rhythms and ways. We will explore new moves and the multitudes of ways we can express our bodies through physical challenges and the incredible inherent ability of our body to heal and regenerate through sleep, relaxation and restorative activities.



It is true, there is work to be done and then some. When we tap into our healthiest happiest selves we find an incredible well spring of energy and clarity to do our best work while at the same time realize that we are not the sum total of our to do list, we are so much more. At the end of the day/week/life, the true questions we universally seek to answer stem from the depth of our beingness– who are you and how freely did you live that truth.



Not sure where or how to start your fasting journey? This is it. Here we will gather ideas to start a fast, stay committed during a fast, and how to break a fast. As well as tips from others who remember what it felt like to fast for the very few time.



Sometimes, you want just a quick answer to your question and not a full dissertation on the meaning of life. We got you covered with Fast Facts, intended to become your A-Z guide to fasting. What do you want to know?



There is a lot going on in the world of fasting. Millions are fasting right now for a million reasons and researchers, health coaches, and wellness gurus are exploring the transformational effect of fasting through new research, products, apps, and more. Stay connected with the latest fasting news.



Coming soon! Our monthly digital magazine and audio experience is designed to accelerate the conversation of fasting to the next level. We will bring together unique and inspiring minds who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of human potential and to solving some of the biggest global health challenges of our time–and of course rely on the fasting lifestyle along the way. Expect the latest fasting hacks, and lifestyle solutions to keep you moving forward to a happy healthier you. Logo

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