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The goal of is to foster a global community around fasting and a collective of voice, wisdom, science, and experience.

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We cover all things fasting and are particularly partial to evidence based conversations. That being said we are open to stories that inspire and inform, that engage and educate.

In general, we cover topics of (but are not limited to)

• eating/fasting
• moving/resting
• doing/being
• +science
• +stories
• +strategies

Join us and be part of our growing conversation.

The world has suffered from poor health, nutrition and lifestyle choices for too long.

We believe that fasting empowers you to take back your agency and be responsible for what you do and don’t put into your mouth and to understand that when you eat is as important as what you eat and especially important when you are able to unpack why you are eating.  

If this moves you, and you have something to say, share, shout or teach about fasting, please reach out to us today!

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