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What Are The Benefits of Fasting

by | May 26, 2020 | FAST FACTS

The benefits of fasting are many and multi-faceted. As for health, you can expect increased energy, a better physique, a better relationship with food, better immunity, greater cancer-fighting ability, improved coordination, better mood, and enhanced digestion. (This list could go on for days!)

But the benefits of fasting aren’t limited to the body. Many religions have used fasting as a way to improve people’s spiritual lives and inner peace. And many workers have found their lives to be more focused and less distracted when they aren’t constantly eating.

The most basic form of fasting involves nothing more than an early dinner or a late breakfast, which may be nothing to you at all. As you attempt longer fasts, your relationship with food will be challenged. You’ll have to be mindful in assessing whether the feelings you’re experiencing are actual hunger, thirst, or a need for fulfillment.