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Author: Fast Times Editors

Sugar Busters—Crowd Out that Sweet Tooth

We know we’re wired to crave sugary foods and drinks. After all, milk—the first substance we consume—is rich in lactose, or milk sugar. Unfortunately, too much of the sweet stuff is detrimental to health, contributing to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues, according to Harvard Health Publishing. To resist sugar’s lure, try to make it harder to access treats. Read on for some helpful strategies to lower your own consumption.

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Do Calories Matter?

When it comes to your long-term health, calories ultimately take a back seat to the quality of foods you consume. While it’s true that you’ll lose weight if you eat less than you need, that doesn’t automatically mean your health will improve if your calories are of poor nutritional quality.

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How Dancing Helps Me think, and Thinking Helps Me Dance.

We learn by practice, the American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham once said. Our practices – both physical and intellectual – can be so much more than routine work and the accretions of habits. Dancers, learn, maintain, and teach what’s possible with physical expression. By choosing to perform the ‘dedicated precise sets of acts’ that we do, we can access ‘achievement, a sense of one’s being, a satisfaction of spirit.’ We embody our autonomy and our humanity.

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