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Research Roundup #2: This Week’s Fasting News from Around the Web.

by | Sep 21, 2020 | FAST NEWS



Welcome to the Fast Insider News Roundup

Every week, we’re bringing you a round-up of the latest fasting, health, and wellness news to hit the wire. There are many ways that fasting converges with lifestyle to improve change day to day life as we know it. This week, we look at how water fasting impacts cognitive function; how time-restricted eating supports healthy aging and longevity without an impact on our internal body clock, and why you may soon hear a lot more about the benefits of a ketogenic diet combined with fasting.

Plus—everyone is talking about Ayesha Curry’s incredible Covid19 quarantine transformationhint the best-selling cookbook author and wife of Stephen Curry practices intermittent fasting regularly.

Your Brain Loves Water 

For the majority, the only reason that they consider a water fast is to accelerate weight loss. However, water fasting can undoubtedly contribute to weight loss but is best under supervision by a trusted health care provider to ensure a healthy outcome. As water weight fluctuates daily, water weight loss can create confusion. Of more critical consideration is the potential impact of water fasting on cognition and brain function, especially for females.  Studies have shown that dehydration and mild water loss of even 2% body water loss, correlate with a decline in cognitive function. It can also leave you in a bad mood.

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Time-Restricted Eating Improves Health Now and in the Future

When you eat, is as critical as what you eat, but how does changing our eating schedules with intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating impact our internal body clock?  It has been shown that adjusting the number of hours you eat in the day can be an effective way to lose weight and tackle obesity. Recent research further confirms that short term, time-restricted eating, or managing your feeding hours, does alter our metabolism but does so without disturbing our core gene expression. The best news is that these practices can also improve health along the way and even in the long run.

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Is Keto Heart Healthy?

Be prepared to read more and hear more about keto everything.  According to recent research in the health, nutrition, and wellness sectors, the global keto market is expected to continue to grow by 5.3 percent. It is significantly increasing in Europe and Asia, and in the U.S., major retailers like Walmart and Costco, among others, have keto sections and keto shopping lists.  Market aside, in other keto news, new studies suggest promising evidence that a combination of intermittent fasting along with a ketogenic diet could actually be good for your heart. Usually, both intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets are typically associated with foods traditionally known to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease; if modified towards a heart-healthy regimen, they could instead present positive cardiovascular effects.

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Check-in weekly for our research round-up and look forward to even more in-depth fasting science coverage, analysis, and takeaways in the near future.

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