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4 Ways to Decrease Stress on the Body at the Gym

by | Jul 28, 2021 | MOVING/RESTING

Make sure your gym visit is as effective as your fast. Every workout will count with these four simple ways to decrease stress on the body at the gym.


When trying out new diets or fasting, it’s essential to support your good eating options with physical activity. However, not working out correctly can be detrimental, so it’s helpful to explore the four ways to decrease stress on the body at the gym. 


It is always a great time to take it back to the basics. Spending just 10 minutes before a workout to warm up the body can go a long way to preventing future injury.

Static stretches are great for avoiding pulled muscles but incorporating dynamic calisthenics is even more effective at creating mobility and healthy tissues. If you are feeling adventurous, consider mixing a yoga class into your workout routine.

Weight Choice

Knowing your limits is just as crucial to a successful workout as the physical activity itself. Especially when fasting, your body may or may not be able to lift as much. There is nothing wrong with challenging yourself in the gym, but trying to lift something heavier than your body can handle can do more damage than good. You want muscle gains, not muscle knots. 


The form of your lift or run will alter the muscle groups you are emphasizing. For example, if you lean too far forward in a squat, this moves the stress from your legs to your back.

If you don’t have any weightlifting training, there’s a higher chance that your form is negatively affecting your workout. If you notice additional back or neck pain while working out, your form could be creating added unnecessary stress.


There is nothing wrong with an off day—it’s even preferred. However, skipping weeks or multiple days in a row can negate the hard work you are putting in. Keeping a consistent gym schedule but modifying your activity will help your body adjust to a new, healthier normal.

The most common cause of a decrease in consistency is people being disappointed when they don’t see results on the scale. Don’t worry about the scale. Like fasting, going to the gym is about a healthier lifestyle, and consistency is key.

There is nothing as admirable as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now you can stay safe, have fun, and take care of yourself with these four ways to decrease stress on the body at the gym.