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The Best Moves to Boost Your Metabolism

by | Jun 15, 2021 | MOVING/RESTING

Increasing your metabolism is an essential step in losing weight; lets explore the best workouts to speed up your metabolism.

Your metabolism is a chemical process. Your body breaks down the foods you eat and converts them into energy for vital functions. 

Your metabolism is responsible for fueling your digestion, sleep patterns, and even body temperature. This process also plays a prominent role in weight loss. Specific workouts can increase your metabolic rate naturally and help you lose more weight over time.

Here are the best types of movements to boost your metabolism:

Running and Walking

The best exercises to boost your metabolism work out your cardiovascular system. Walking and running are two of the most effective activities to elevate your heart rate and help you burn calories fast. Both these workouts stimulate your metabolism to break down foods in your body.

If you’re new to working out, try starting with daily walks to build up muscle memory and challenge yourself to try smaller running sprints during your route. Even small amounts of running and walking can significantly increase your metabolism and promote weight loss.


Not a fan of classic cardio? Not a problem. Swimming is an excellent low-impact workout that can increase your heart rate and speed up your metabolic rate.

When you swim regularly, you’re more likely to enhance your metabolism to a consistent pace and burn more calories faster. Swimming will keep you cool in the summer and help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Strength workouts can also prove beneficial. Weightlifting can increase your metabolism by developing muscle mass, which burns calories faster than fat.

Since calories can burn faster, your body can break down foods into energy more quickly, too. Increased metabolism is just one of the many reasons weightlifting speeds up weight loss.

When you practice these strength exercises, your muscles will become more toned and your metabolism will experience a significant boost.

Your metabolism is a vital process that keeps your body healthy and functioning. Try boosting your metabolic rate by adding some of these beneficial workouts to your routine. Over time, your body should burn calories faster and experience weight loss.